Types of Woven Labels for Printing Services and Accessories

Jan 10, 2024


When it comes to quality printing services and accessories, KSTHL Labels is the business to trust. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing exceptional services and products that meet the needs of businesses across various industries. In this article, we will explore the different types of woven labels we offer, providing you with a comprehensive guide to help you make informed decisions for your printing needs.

1. Damask Woven Labels

Damask woven labels are widely regarded as the premier choice for high-quality woven labels. Crafted using advanced weaving techniques, these labels showcase intricate details and sharp clarity. The smooth texture and tightly woven threads make them suitable for even the most delicate fabrics. Whether you need to label your clothing line, bags, or accessories, damask woven labels offer a touch of elegance and sophistication.

2. Satin Woven Labels

If you desire a more lustrous and luxurious label option, satin woven labels are an excellent choice. These labels are woven with a special type of yarn that gives them a shiny and smooth finish. Satin woven labels are often used in the fashion industry to add a touch of glamour to garments and accessories. The appealing sheen of satin labels enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your products.

3. Taffeta Woven Labels

Taffeta woven labels are known for their durability and versatility. Made from lightweight synthetic fibers, these labels are strong, tear-resistant, and perfect for everyday clothing and accessories. Taffeta woven labels offer a crisp finish and are often used for care instruction labels due to their ability to withstand washing and regular wear. They are an ideal choice for clothing items that require frequent care information.

4. Twill Woven Labels

Twill woven labels are renowned for their durability and distinctive texture. The weaving technique used to create twill labels results in a diagonal pattern that adds a unique touch to your products. These labels are commonly used on jeans, jackets, and bags as they impart a rugged, yet stylish look. If you want to convey a sense of durability and reliability, twill woven labels are an excellent option.

5. Cotton Woven Labels

Cotton woven labels are a popular choice for businesses that prioritize sustainability and natural materials. Made from 100% cotton yarn, these labels offer a soft and comfortable feel, making them ideal for clothing and accessories that come into direct contact with the skin. Cotton labels can be customized with various designs and are easily sewn onto your products, providing a seamless finishing touch.

6. Hemp Woven Labels

Hemp woven labels are an eco-friendly alternative that appeals to environmentally conscious businesses. Made from the fibers of the hemp plant, these labels are both durable and sustainable. Hemp labels offer a unique texture that adds character to your products. They are particularly popular in industries that promote environmentally friendly practices and seek to align their brand image with sustainability.

7. Customized Woven Labels

To add a personal touch to your products, we offer customized woven labels. Our high-end printing services allow you to create labels that reflect your brand identity and vision. With a wide range of customization options including colors, fonts, and design elements, you can ensure that your labels perfectly complement your products. Customized woven labels are an excellent way to enhance brand recognition and create a lasting impression on your customers.


Discovering the different types of woven labels available for printing services and accessories at KSTHL Labels opens up a world of possibilities for your business. From the elegance of damask labels to the lustrous appeal of satin labels, each type offers its distinctive qualities to enhance your products. Whether you prioritize durability, sustainability, or customization, we have the perfect woven label solution to meet your specific needs. Trust KSTHL Labels for all your printing service and accessory requirements and elevate your brand with our high-quality labels.